We aim at making not just relocation easy but also getting better houses to make home for everybody, so as we provide all kinds of location services we also partner with major real estate agents across the country to help people connect to property of their dreams, to buy as well as to lease or rent.

It still shocks me how these guys got me an apartment, helped me clean and in all in two weeks, thanks Atlas Relocators, special thanks to Oluwaseyi and Adeyi you guys are the best  .
Emmanuel Nyong

Sitting at the comfort of your home you can get an apartment, clean the apartment and move into your apartment without moving more than your finger to click or give us a call today and you will see its not a mere talk.

When choosing movers

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

These are the chances of you using Atlas Relocators moving company but in different colours.


Why should you trust us.

  •  100% Satisfaction
  •  We get your the best of want you want
  •  We turn your expectations into reality
  •  Zero tolerance for side dealings
  •  We are very transparent and trustworthy
  •  We value good name

Real Estate Agents.

The role of real estate agent is drastically changing from regular transactions of renting, selling or leasing properties to clients to becoming a trusted advisors by simply adding additional solutions to what they offer their clients, agents should also show their clients they care about their belongings and what happens to them during relocation with Atlas relocators moving company all inventory are taken easily and fast, recorded and quote will be sent instantly, one thing with Atlas is the prices are very good, partner with Atlas relocators moving company and your client will forever be grateful.


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